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90s Prom Challenge: Giveaway, Guidelines & Why it Matters

Prom may be a high school cliché to many, but that doesn’t make it any less of a coming-of-age milestone. This time of year, our calendar is usually overflowing with hair and makeup bookings for proms and spring formals.

The class of 2020 doesn’t have the opportunity to enjoy or avoid the usual prom clichés. This year is different. But you and your accomplishments deserve to be celebrated! That’s why we at NorthStar want to do something for anyone missing prom, graduation, other milestones, or anyone who just wants more joy in their lives.

NorthStar boring? As if!

We’re launching a 90s Prom Challenge giveaway. To be eligible for prizes, just post your best 90s-style photo—90s clothes, prom gear, hair, makeup, whatever! It could be a:

#TB photo of you or your parents from the 90s

New pic of you dressed up 90s-style

We’re giving away the winner’s choice of products or services. Finalists will be announced 5/23, and the winner will be chosen randomly from among those finalists.


Winner’s choice of:

Polaris Cream, a custom K-beauty, water-based cream infused with CBD. This is the debut product in NorthStar’s skincare line, and is the vegan, cruelty-free skincare solution you’ve been searching for. ($65 value, shipping included, large jar)

Virtual one-on-one makeup class ($200 value, 60-90 minutes class via Zoom)

Event night makeup application ($150 value, only available for winners within 20 minutes of Oak Park, MI, and once it’s safe to resume in-person appointments)


Why are we doing this? Our CEO and Founder, Lisa Beth North, is nostalgic for her own prom in the early 2000’s and considers it her part of her mission to help bring more joy into the world.

It was a beautiful day in May. I was 17 and had the perfect prom dress—a white floor-length gown that looked like a wedding dress. Of course, I also had a French manicure on my fake nails, but with silver tips to match the details on my dress. I’ve always liked to be different! I loved (and still love!) getting pampered, so I was especially excited that my hairdresser used sparkle hairspray on my hair and face. All of this may seem cringeworthy now, but back then, it was stylish I swear.

I vividly remember going to my grandparents’ house to take pictures beforehand, partying at the venue right on the Detroit River, and enjoying the absolutely bliss of youth—celebrating the last days of high school with friends. I still talk to my prom date…daily. He was my high school sweetheart and now my husband.

As always, I’m wishing I could celebrate all of my NorthStars in person!


What’s the 411?

To be eligible, please:

• Post a 90s-style pic by 5/23

• Tag and follow @NorthStarLuxe

• Tag two friends in your post

Limited to:

• One entry per person

• People located in the U.S.

• Any gender, any age, everyone

• Photos of you or a member of your household and/or family

• Photos you have permission to post

• Photos that NorthStar has permission to repost

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