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DJN Business Spotlight: A "Star" is Born!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

As a lifelong member of the Jewish community, I am honored to be featured in the latest issue of The Detroit Jewish News. The newspaper was a staple of my childhood and is now a staple of my adulthood.

It was founded in 1942 (before social media!), and I remember browsing The DJN for my friends’ b’not mitzvah announcements in the 1990s. The years flew by and the announcements I searched for evolved into engagement announcements, then weddings, baby namings, and britot. Now, seeing NorthStar Makeup clients in the The Detroit Jewish News provides the same simmer of excitement. Recently, two of my clients, Lindsay Cox (Owner, Lindsay Jaye Photography ) and Lindsay Mall (Owner, The Bubble Club ), were featured in a cover story of The DJN. I was ecstatic to provide makeup and hair services for their cover shoot and support these strong women and entrepreneurs using my talents.

Combining my deep sense of Jewish identity with my passion for all aspects of beauty and wellness, brings balance and positivity into my life. It also allows me to be a makeup artist who not only enhances clients’ faces, but also their inner beauty.

This week, it is my turn to invite the local Jewish community into my personal space and experience that same closeness when they read “A ‘Star’ Is Born” . As a mother of three children and a small business owner, I am trying to successfully juggle both aspects of my life—motherhood and entrepreneurship. That is why I am so humbled that the The Detroit Jewish News team chose to write about me and my youngest baby, NorthStar Makeup.

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