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Earth Day the NorthStar Way

I'm sure all of my NorthStars love Mother Earth as much as I do, but here are some other ways to reduce waste that you may not have considered. Because your beauty and feminine hygiene products may not be as eco-friendly as others, here’s how to celebrate Earth Day 2020 the NorthStar way!

1) Recycle your beauty tools. Mascara wands can be reused by the Wands for Wildlife® program, helping to keep tiny creatures (and their fur) clean and healthy.

2) Switch to products with less packaging. Using shampoo bars instead of shampoo bottles are a great way to substitute for a product with less packaging—and that means less trash! I highly recommend Lush shampoo bars for their quality as well as their extensive variety of fragrances.

3) Say goodbye to tampons—and their applicators. Not only are pads and tampons money drains, but they’re also hard on the environment. Consider using menstrual cups instead and you’ll thank me later. DivaCup® is a menstrual cup company that also donates thousands of cups every year so that periods don’t hold women back.

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