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Tips Tuesday: No Nail Tech At Home? No Problem!

Even though frequent hand washing is likely leaving your skin feeling dry and your nails looking bedraggled, visiting your favorite nail technician isn’t an option these days. Don’t worry—there are lots of ways to remedy dry skin, including a homemade hand mask or heavy duty ointments.

But for tips on maintaining your fingertips (pun intended!) and nails at home, I turned to an expert—one of NorthStar’s favorite nail technicians—Tanja Benesch from Salon Oggi. Here are some of her suggestions for simple ways to maintain your nails between professional manicures.

Keep nails short

Short nails are less likely to break. Tanja recommends filing your nails into a lightly rounded shape using a soft file—coarse or metal files will damage your nails. Tanja’s first choice for natural nails (i.e. not-acrylic) is a 120 grit file.

Stay moisturized

Applying cuticle oil and hand cream often will help prevent dry, brittle nails. CND™ SolarOil™ Nail & Cuticle Conditioner is a favorite, but if you don’t have any on hand and are hesitant to have packages delivered, just head to the kitchen and snag some olive oil. For real!

Use a base coat

Tanja notes that a high-quality, strengthening base coat can be the difference between weak nails and long, glossy ones. And if you’re polishing your nails, a top coat is a must to preserve color and help prevent chipping.

Choose a color that works for you

If you’re not super skilled at polishing your nails, no problem. Just choose a sheer or natural color to keep mistakes less noticeable. For a “classic, grown-up pink”, Essie Mademoiselle is a great choice because it complements many skin tones.

But if you want a bold color, try Zoya Virginia—a modern twist to the classic cherry red nails. Tanja recommends having an orange wood stick (with polish remover on it) nearby to remove excess nail polish from the skin surrounding your fingernails. Non-acetone polish removers are best because they’re gentler on the skin.

I hope this helps relieve some of the quarantine blues and brings some color into your life! Let me know how your at-home manicure goes and which colors are making you swoon this springtime.

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